Gallery 75 v Som Day 1 3 Sep

All smiles from Wayne Madsen with Marcus Trescothick at the toss before Derbyshire's first competitive game at Taunton since 2007

Marcus Trescothick and Wayne Madsen Trescothick dismissed by Mark Footitt Tony Palladino dismisses Compton Tony Palladino and Tom Poynton Tim Groenewald dismisses Kieswetter Tim Groenewald's 200th f/c wicket for Derbyshire Tony Palladino dismisses Hildreth Tony Palladino Tim Groenewald dismisses Meschede Tom Poynton Tim Groenewald dismisses Chawla Paul Borrington Tim Groenewald and Tony Palladino Tim Groenewald Ben Slater Ben Slater Richard Johnson Ben Slater Tom Poynton Richard Johnson and Tom Poynton
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