Gallery 80 v Kent Day 1 4 September

Derbyshire's crucial penultimate game of the season got underway in hot, sunny conditions at Canterbury against Kent. Canterbury has been home to first class cricket in Kent since 1847 and the stand in the background commemorates one of Kent's favourite and most successful cricketing sons

St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury Wayne Madsen and Paul Borrington Mark Turner Tom Poynton Tim Groenewald Tim Groenewald Ross Whiteley Ross Whiteley Tim Groenewald Tim Groenewald Whiteley, Redfern, Poynton, Khawaja and Durston Tony Palladino Tony Palladino and Tom Poynton Tom Poynton Wes Durston Paul Borrington Paul Borrington Mark Turner Wayne Madsen, Mark Turner and David Wainwright Tim Groenewald Dan Redfern and Tony Palladino
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