Gallery 87 v Hants Day 4 14 September

Hampshire's Wood mis-times this drive off a Durston delivery and will be superbly caught by Paul Borrington at mid off

Wes Durston David Wainwright David Wainwright Wes Durston Paul Borrington Wayne Madsen Usman Khawaja Wes Durston Wes Durston Usman Khawaja Ross Whiteley Usman Khawaja Ross Whiteley Ross Whiteley Usman Khawaja and Ross Whiteley Derbyshire celebrate Usman Khawaja and Ross Whiteley Ross Whiteley Derbyshire's victory song Groenewald, Pipe, Khawaja and Whiteley Usman Khawaja Wayne Madsen Wayne Madsen Wayne Madsen Derbyshire CCC - Champions Derbyshire CCC - Champions Derbyshire CCC - Champions Wayne Madsen Wayne Madsen Jon Clare, Dan Redfern and Wes Durston Tim Groenewald Tony Palladino and Tim Groenewald Tom Poynton and Jon Clare Tom Poynton Mark Turner Usman Khawaja Wayne Madsen Victory Ross Whiteley Relax Dan Redfern and Wes Duston Chris Durham and Alex Hughes TV Highlights Proud to be Derbyshire
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