Quick-fire interview: Mark Turner

markturnerMark Turner is the first Derbyshire player this close season to answer eight quick fire questions set by his fellow fast bowler Tim Groenewald…

1. What you been up to since the season finished?
I had an operation as soon as the season ended, a double hernia, so I’ve just been recovering from that!

2. How was the experience of parading the trophy at Pride Park?
Fantastic. It was amazing to see the people of Derby getting behind us and it made me very proud to be showing off our great achievement.

3. One prized wicket you want to take in the First Division next season?
Prized wicket is definitely Marcus Trescothick. He's still someone I regard highly in the county game and after playing with him for 4 years, I would love to claim that prized dismissal.

4. Ground you’re most looking forward to playing at?
Linked with my above answer, I can't wait to get back to Taunton. It's a fantastic place to play cricket and always has an amazing following who get behind both teams. They just appreciate good quality cricket.

5. A lot of time coming up in the Gym. Who is your ‘Gym Buddy’ and why?
Gym buddies are Dino (Tony Palladino) and Timmy G (Tim Groenewald). This is because we always seem to enjoy training and we train harder when we’re together and push each other all the time. And of course they both enjoy a vanilla latte as soon as we’re done.

6. Your guest slip cordon…you are keeper, choose any 4 people to keep you entertained for the day and why?
Slips are Mila Kunis because she's absolutely awesome, Charlotte of Geordie Shore because she's hilarious, David Beckham because he is god and my best mate Mark Lawton so I could see him trying to chat Mila Kunis chance!

7. Worst dressed team mate and why?
Worst dressed is Wayne Madsen. Imagine a Where's Wally jumper casually resting over his shoulders...need I say anymore.

8. Best banter in the squad and why?
Banter is Ted Mcminn our kit man. He always lifts the lads with his humour and years of banter experience gained in a football dressing room! He’s an absolute hero.

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