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Aspire Achieve Advance

The 3aaa County GroundDerbyshire CCC and 3aaa (Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd) have agreed a three-year partnership which will see 3aaa, one of the UK’s leading national training providers for Apprenticeships, become the Club's first ever stadium naming rights partner.

It will see the ground renamed as The 3aaa County Ground (pronounced verbally as The 3a County Ground) as well as 3aaa becoming Derbyshire's NatWest T20 Blast shirt sponsor.

Also, as part of the ground-breaking partnership, 3aaa will provide four high quality, industry experienced apprentices to join Derbyshire's off-field commercial and administration team.


Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd (3aaa) is one of the leading national training providers in England for Apprenticeships, boasting a number of the country’s top further education colleges and employers as their partners.

Established in Derby in 2008, 3aaa has grown rapidly to become a renowned training provider nationwide in a number of business sectors. It now employs nearly 180 full-time staff members.

3aaa works in partnership with a number of leading further education colleges to become an integral part of local industry and to ensure that their reach covers the entire local community.

Many 3aaa training centres are situated within college partner locations, utilising the excellent infrastructure and support facilities to ensure optimum learning quality and experience.

Their emphasis on high-quality, industry-experienced staff ensures that 3aaa are able to deliver market leading apprenticeship programmes, developed with real application into industry at the focus.

If you a interested in applying for an apprentice position at Derbyshire County Cricket Club or any other apprenticeship programme offered by 3aaa, please contact Matthew Elson on 01332 880 515 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information about Aspire Achieve Advance Ltd, click here >>

Social Media


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In association with Cricket Derbyshire’s Social Media Adviser; Dr Zaheer Hussain, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby.

Social Media is a brilliant communication tool for anybody that plays, watches or has in interest in cricket in Derbyshire.

The County Club, for example, boasts over 9,000 Twitter followers and loves to share match updates, results, reaction and discussion with supporters; and the result of every game in the Derbyshire Premier League & Derbyshire County League is posted every weekend during the season.

The interactions we receive are overwhelmingly constructive and positive. Long may they continue and – providing a little common sense is shown – there is no need for anyone to be afraid of posting.

Cricket Derbyshire has developed 6 top tips to help cricket supporters make the most of social media and judge what is and is not appropriate.

Hit social media abuse for 6! Six questions to ask before you post or share 

  1. Would saying this be acceptable if I was attending a cricket match in person? Remember it just isn’t cricket to show a lack of respect.
  1. Would I want my boss, my family or my coach to see this? “Views expressed are my own” won’t stop them being embarrassed or change the opinions they form.
  1. Would a newspaper publish this? If the answer is no, it probably breaks libel or defamation law.
  1. Am I 100% certain this is acceptable? If in doubt, leave it out.
  1. Before sharing or retweeting, would I write this myself and do I endorse it? If the answer is no, don’t share it. By retweeting or sharing, you might as well be posting it yourself.
  1. How would I feel if someone wrote this about me? If you wouldn’t like it, don’t post it.


We hope you’ll never need to refer to this, but below is our policy for dealing with malicious communications.


Insulting, offensive, obscene, injurious or false content can be dangerous and harmful to people’s wellbeing and reputation as well as bringing Cricket Derbyshire into disrepute.

We will not tolerate any malicious communications, harassment or discrimination through social media.

Do not use social media to make malicious, insulting, offensive, obscene or false statements regarding our players, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers or spectators.

This applies regardless of whether

(i)             You are posting yourself or sharing someone else’s post.

(ii)            The individual is tagged in the post or not

(iii)           The communication is by word, photograph, video or any other form.

(iv)           The post is anonymous or not. If we can trace it back to you, we will act.


The Six Top Tips are there to prevent the below!

However, if you are found to have acted improperly on social media regarding a Cricket Derbyshire related matter, or towards any of our players, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers or spectators, you risk any or all of the following:

  • An indefinite ban from all grounds, venues, buildings and events connected with the Club. 
  • Legal proceedings under the Malicious Communications Act
  • Civil action under libel law
  • Punishment, including possible bans, deemed appropriate by the disciplinary committee of Cricket Derbyshire affiliated leagues.
  • Sanctions imposed by league disciplinary committees on the recreational club with which you are registered.


Derbyshire County Cricket Club, Derbyshire County Cricket Board and all aspects of the recreational game within Derbyshire including league competitions.


If you have witnessed a breach of this Code of Conduct and wish to make a complaint, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Best to block the person posting too!

PS – Keep your login details secure! You’re responsible for what’s posted from your profile whether you wrote it or not.

Charity Information

Official Charity Partners for 2014

Charity Partners 2014

Cricket Derbyshire received a large number of applications from Charities who wished to be one of cricket Derbyshire's official charity partners for the 2014 season.

In order to assess the applications, the charities were compared to the following criteria:

  • Association with Derbyshire
  • Quality of project delivery in the Derbyshire Community
  • Whether Cricket Derbyshire has a previous partnership with the charity
  • Synergy with the proposed Cricket Derbyshire Foundation 
  • Opportunity for Cricket Derbyshire to make a real difference to the charity

Having considered all of the applications against the aforementioned criteria, Cricket Derbyshire has selected the following charities to be their official charity partners for 2014.

  • Heart Research UK
    Heart Research UK is a national charity that has been helping hearts since 1967. The charity encourages people locally to live healthier, happier and longer lives through their work in funding ground-breaking medical research as well as helping communities to improve their lifestyles through 'Healthy Hearts' grants.
  • The Laura Centre Derby
    The Laura Centre offers specialist bereavement counselling to parents whose child has died and to children or young people who have been bereaved of a parent or significant person. 
  • Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre
    The Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre provide wonderful holidays at the seaside at Skegness for many thousands of deserving children. Each year around 450 children have a week’s holiday at their Centre and the experience they have can have such a beneficial effect on each child that it can remain with them throughout their lives. 

An action plan for each of the charities has been agreed between the two parties that will be enforced throughout the season through various projects.

A letter has been sent out to each of the unsuccessful charities thanking them for their application and inviting them to apply again for 2015.    

Requests for Support / Donations

Cricket Derbyshire will continue to encourage and review requests for support from other charities, as well as look at other ways the charities can be helped by the Club.

As a result, the Club has adopted an official charity and fundraising policy to ensure that local, and national, charities are aided by Cricket Derbyshire as well as possible, and that a consistent message is communicated to all. The policy is based on a three tier grading system of Gold, Silver and Bronze and is detailed as follows:

Gold Level

This applies to the official Cricket Derbyshire charity partners only.  A plan for the year will be agreed with the senior team of the charity. 

Each plan will be based on the following: 

  • Player support and endorsement
  • Promotion of charity activity through Cricket Derbyshire communication networks such as the website, Twitter, Facebook (No other charity activities or events will be publicised through official Cricket Derbyshire communication networks).
  • Three signed bats to be used for selected fundraising events during the year
  • Bearer letters for tickets to be issued for ad-hoc events
  • Explore the opportunity of hosting and organising a joint fundraising event in partnership with the Cricket Derbyshire Foundation     

Silver Level

This applies to requests for the support of charities or fundraising events from Cricket Derbyshire sponsors or partners, both from the public and private sector. Each sponsor or partner must contribute more than £2,000 of value to Cricket Derbyshire.  

Each request will be to be judged on the following criteria:

  • Value of the partnerships association to Cricket Derbyshire
  • Previous requests for support of associated charities 
  • Fundraising event associated with the request and the potential audience

Cricket Derbyshire has the following options to donate based on the above criteria:

  • Signed Cricket Bat
  • Bearer letter for 4 x Premier Seating tickets (subject to availability)
  • Bearer letter for 2 x Premier Seating tickets (subject to availability)
  • Bearer letter for 2 x standard match tickets (subject to availability)

Bronze Level

This applies to any school, club or charity based in Derbyshire that requests support for a fundraising initiative. 

  • Any request relating to a formal event will be offered a bearer letter for 2 x Premier Seating tickets (subject to availability). 
  • Any other request relating to events such as raffles or prize draws will be offered a bearer letter for 2 x standard match tickets.

Cricket Derbyshire asks that all requests for support at sent in writing to Kerry Schofield or e.mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and provide details of the charity or fundraising event.

Any charity that requests Gold Level support in terms of publicity or endorsement will be invited to apply to be one of Cricket Derbyshire’s official charities for 2015.  This can be done by writing to Cricket Derbyshire detailing their request and demonstrating the work of the charity as well as their work in the Derbyshire Community.  Letters of application should be sent to Cricket Derbyshire's Director of Partnerships:

Ryan Duckett
Director of Partnerships
Cricket Derbyshire
The County Ground
Grandstand Road
DE21 6AF  

⃰ Please note Cricket Derbyshire refers to both the Club and the Board

⃰ The term partner includes sponsors, advertising partners, affiliated clubs and individuals


FalconettesThe Falconettes are the official Twenty20 dancers for Derbyshire County Cricket Club.

The Falconettes were created in 2010 as the official Twenty20 dancers for Derbyshire County Cricket Club. For the past four seasons they have been entertaining audiences at the County Ground, Derby, Highfield, Leek, and Queen's Park, Chesterfield, and supporting their beloved Derbyshire Falcons. 

Click here to view Falconettes website>>>
Follow the Falconettes on Twitter>>>

Careers: Stewards

Job Description

Position: Stewards Job Description


  • Stewards are deployed to assist in the safe operation of the ground whether for a match day, evening security/gateway reception or a special event.
  • They must provide spectators/visitors with a great first impression.
  • They will need to obtain a knowledge of the ground i.e. buildings, entrances, toilets, first aid box.
  • They will need to be fully aware of any Ticket promotions or offers. 
  • They will need to be able to assist with queries or point customers in the right direction if they cannot deal with the query themselves ie ordering advanced tickets, hospitality enquiries

Qualities Required:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Smartly Dressed and Well Presented
  • Friendly and Polite
  • Take Pride in your work
  • Represent the Company and its Customers to the highest standard