Peter Burgoyne’s Blog: Day 8 in Pune

Hi all Pete here,

Day 8 and my brown sauce is starting to run out. This is very disappointing but hay ho what can you do?

The day started with a lovely little bit of toast and a nice omelette, always a great way to start a day.

We left for the ground at 10 o'clock weaving in and out of traffic as normal.

In fact talking of weaving in and out of traffic, last night was one of the most exciting nights of my life. Not only because we went for a team meal, but because we got to have a ride in a TUK TUK.

For those that know me, you know I would have got extremely excited about this, but to my surprise the man that was most excited was Paul Borrington! He particularly enjoyed it and it was a good night all round.

Anyway to today and - despite tiredness from the winning performance yesterday - we batted in the nets this morning against some very determined bowlers.

In the two hour slot of batting this morning, the task was to try and execute the correct shot and hit the ball into the intended areas.

This relates to hitting the gaps in the field and if you didn't execute the shot correctly you had to swap over with your partner.

This took us up to a well deserved lunch. I fought a losing battle with Umesh to try and barter an extra 15 minutes worth of time at the hotel. I was dying for a “power nap” but he was having none of it!

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be in the presence of a local young cricketer. He is renowned as one of the best players of spin for the local state team, Maharashtra.

He was giving us ideas, from experience, on how to play spin in the sub-continent. Listening to his theories was extremely beneficial and everybody tried to put them into practice during the afternoon batting session.

Overall, as I'm sure my team mates will agree, it has been a great experience in India. As well as enjoying the cricket, I have been particularly taken aback by the culture. The way of life over here is so different and it has been a real eye opener. In my life I have never known any place to be so busy.

I'll finish by saying that I have the upmost respect for the people that drive in India. I'll tell you this for free, if I had been driving out here, I'd have definitely crashed by now!

Thanks for reading.

Peter Burgoyne, Derbyshire County Cricket Club, Pune (in the voice of Tim Abraham, Sky Sports reporter).

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