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Quick-Fire Questions with Tony Palladino

TonyPalladinoSeamer Tony Palladino is the next man to get into the hot-seat with ex-Derbyshire all-rounder Jake Needham as he answers quick-fire questions about his team-mates.

This is the next in a series of quick-fire interviews with members of the playing and coaching staff as they reveal all about their fellow Derbyshire colleagues. 

Who is the most talented member of the squad?
Shiv. He’s scored about 6 million runs during his career, so I’m not sure there is much more I can say about that.

Who is the biggest joker?
Wainers [David Wainwright] is pretty funny. He likes his iPad apps so he’s always sending funny videos and keeping us entertained.

Who is the most vocal person in the dressing room?
Tina [Mark Turner] is pretty good at that. I think Tina and I are quite good when we play together. We tend to ‘gee’ each other and hopefully pick the team up.

Who is most likely to be late for training?
Easy, Chesney!

Who are the best and worst trainers?
I’m not sure about the worst, we’re all pretty good. But I like to push myself hard in the gym as does Tina. But I’d probably say Richard Johnson. He’s very keen and likes to keep his six pack looking trim.

Who has the safest hands?
Wes is pretty safe. He has nice big hands, so if I see a nick heading his way I’m pretty confident.

And what’s your favourite ground?
I’d probably say here at Derby. I enjoy playing here and I’ve done well here. I’m sure most people will say Lord’s or something like that but I’ve never done that well there so I’ll just stick with Derby!

And finally, what do you believe was your most important innings?
My most important innings I think would be the 60 odd I scored against Hampshire during the last match of last season. It was an important knock at a crucial time, so I’d go for that.

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