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Tallent pleased with pre-season progression

JamieTallentStrength and Conditioning Coach Jamie Tallent is already seeing noticeable physical improvements in the squad as pre-season training continues to intensify prior to the Christmas break.

The squad have been back in training since the start of November working hard on both their strength and conditioning ahead of the 2014 campaign.

As well as enduring long runs around the outfield, the players have been in the gym at least five days a week all working to their own specific dedicated training schedule.  

Tallent has been pleased with the squad’s progression so far and says many players have already achieved winter and even career bests over the last month.

“Everyone’s progressing very well and it’s been a good first five weeks,” he said.

“The gym work has been constant for all the players and has got gradually got more intense as we’ve gone along.

“We’ve already seen huge improvements. All scores have gone up and the players are pushing more weights. 

“Everyone has hit winter bests in certain scores and some have also hit career bests in certain things as well which is fantastic.

“But it’s not only strength work, we’ve had to get the miles into their legs as we attempt to get them better conditioned in that regard.

“Each player has individual distances which we know they can cover in certain times. This is calculated from the pre-season testing we did. So there’s no hiding and all the lads are being pushed.”

The squad have a busy two weeks ahead as they build up to the Christmas break, but the players will be back not long after as Tallent explains their New Year schedule.

“While there is still a big strength and conditioning focus, the cricket comes in from January. There might be a little less running, but we still want to keep up their conditioning. Our focus will really be the strength and power work as we prepare them for the season.

“We’ll also have to start to take into consideration their bowling work as they begin to bowl and we’ll have to adjust their training intensity as and when required.

“This won’t affect the batsman as much as the bowlers, but their cricket workload will be taken into consideration while they are with me in the gym or outside doing cardio work.

"But we'll still be working hard making such everyone is well conditioned and in the best shape possible for the new season."

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