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Sri Lanka Blogs Days 3, 4 and 5 – Mark Turner, Dan Redfern and Tom Poynton

MarkTurnerDay 3 - Mark Turner

BREAKING NEWS: ITV have cancelled any future plans to have Dan Redfern on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here after eating the caterpillar found in Jonno's broccoli last night.

What a way to finish day 2, anyway onto day 3...

Same time start for the boys, 8am leave from the hotel to get to the ground for a solid 3 hour training session from 9-12.

You know when you're standing getting ready to train, and you’re just dripping with sweat, that it’s going to be a tough day. And that's exactly how it panned out. The humidity is ridiculous, unbearable at times, but I guess those hard conditions make for a tough practising environment which is what we want.

We were greeted by more local lads ready to bowl at the 7 of us, some new faces from yesterday, and some tougher opponents in the spinners’ net.

Leg-spinners, off-spinners, googlies, carrom balls and more; it was a tough 20 minutes in there for a number 11 like myself, but the other lads made it look easier, especially Madders who took it on with no front pad.

After a spot of lunch we headed to the roof terrace of the hotel for a pool and gym session. The fact I'm writing this while lounging by the pool may make a few of you jealous...and so you should be :-).

Again the hospitality is incredible and we could not be getting looked after any better. A great place to train; just got to try not to die in this heat.

Goodbye from day 3.


Day 4 - Dan Redfern

After a few days to acclimatise, the boys are settling into the tough three hour sessions of batting well and really benefitting from extended time on outdoor pitches.

Even young gun Tom Knight was allowed to don the pads for the first time on the trip. He showed the boys how to play Sri Lankan mystery spinners referring back to Surrey away two years ago as he flayed Prayjan Ojha to all parts of the Kia Oval in making his first-class best of 14.

For those who have read last year’s India blogs, it was no secret that I claimed and confirmed my status at the top of the leader-board in the FIFA competition.

I'm proud to say that once again I have adapted to sub continental conditions well with two organised banks of four. I am further increasing my reputation as the FIFA Bradman, although Johnson is a threat...a minor threat.

The lads have also introduced a new game called darts night which is quite keenly contested. Personally I don't like it and that’s not because I'm rubbish at it; honest.

Unfortunately I have to announce we are, as of today, a man down!

Tony Palladino certainly looked a little off colour when he slumped on the bus at the end of training today, but the events of the following ten minutes are something I wish no man to ever witness again.

We have, however, learnt that a cardboard box with numerous holes is not sufficient when catching projectile regurgitated food. Turns out the caterpillar I ate was better cooked than his steak!

Get well soon Pallas.

Day 5 - Tom Poynton

During my first night’s sleep on tour, I was woken suddenly with the phrases "Wow, what an incredible effort!" and "What a truly great effort!" coming from across the other side of the room.

For a moment I wondered if I had been dreaming about an Alan Partridge football commentary sketch (it is worth a look on YouTube if you haven't seen it).

It turned out to be Johno talking, or rather shouting, in his sleep. We have a sleep talk recorder on every night now to capture anything said and luckily last night was a quiet one for him!

We are aclimatising well to the heat now, but not to the 6.30am alarms every morning! The arduous task of getting Redders out of his lair seems to be getting harder every morning.

Poached eggs are ordered every morning by most of the boys to start the day with a healthy beneficial breakfast. The service and hospitality at the hotel has been very good, however they haven't quite grasped the service of this simple breakfast quite yet. Asking the waiter where your eggs are seems to order another two eggs, hence when they finally arrive, your order of two poached eggs has now become six or even eight!

Training has been going really well all round. The batters have been getting some good long hours in the nets against various types of bowling, myself and Johno have had some good time keeping against the mystery Sri Lankan spinners on the "spitting" wickets, Tina and Dino have been tearing in for two spells a day and Knighty has been able to get some good overs under his belt on helpful dry pitches.

Dinner is always followed by an evening on the Xbox as mentioned in Redders blog. Everyone has featured, with even the Captain making his FIFA debut. As with everything he has ever put his hand to, he obviously picked it up very quickly and is battling it out with Knighty for the bottom seed!

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